Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rajiv Malhotra: why being dharmic is different

My good friend Vishwa asked me to watch this video:

After seeing it, I am sufficiently impressed to order the book on But I won't wait to read the book for me to share the key highlights with you all. The video is long but very interesting. I watched it in 3 sessions. What I found out:

Rajiv Malhotra is an NRI techie who has devoted >20 years, after being inspired by his guru, to crusade for the Hindu Dharma and how to protect ourselves.

He is deeply concerned with about the methods being used by the Abrahamic 'western universalism' movements to conquer and convert Hindu thought and eventually to digest us Hindus into their system so that we lose our identity and individuality.

He says that it all begins with Hindus being confused about our roots and uniqueness. Our gurus being too busy to really understand what is going on.

We do not deeply study and understand other religions' key beliefs and how we are different so we can't even argue when they come to digest us.

We fight over petty differences amongst ourselves, but when it comes to the crunch, we say, 'everything is same, so why argue with other religions?' In the process we are highly vulnerable.

See what happened to Philippines, they lost their roots and became second class human beings to the West.

The concept of tolerance as pushed by western universalists is not the same as MUTUAL RESPECT. When we have mutual respect, we will not destroy the other's language, culture and religion and try to digest them.

Economic prosperity is a lure of the west. And it takes precedence for us Indians over understanding and safeguarding our dharmic roots. In the process we stand to lose all.

The danger is the same whether you live abroad and speak with a cute NRI accent or live in the confused country called India and speak English Vinglish.

The time to understand first, and safeguard next, is NOW.

Watch Rajiv Malhotra in this video. He is well-read, articulate, passionate and focussed.

I am waiting to read the book.

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